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Enterprise People Curriculum Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter


First paragraph

If you’re replying to an advert, say where and when you saw the advert and if there is a reference number, quote it. Say why you are applying for this particular Job.


Second paragraph

Briefly explain your work, if applicable, qualifications (professional and/or academic). Don’t explain everything here leave that for the CV. Make sure the skills quoted have relevance to the job being advertised.


Third paragraph

Say why you would make a good employee and what you could contribute to the job in question and also why they should hire you.


Fourth paragraph 

Lay down an action plan; say you would like the opportunity to meet them for an interview and you’ll await their response.



Enterprise People Do’s and Don’ts



Put all your contact details on the cover letter and on your CV, including address, phone numbers, email address. Always double check to make sure all contact information is correct. If the prospective employer can’t get hold of you, you won’t get your interview


Personalise the Cover Letter, pick out specific traits or skills mentioned in the job advert and demonstrate why you think you are suitable


Keep it short and try not to duplicate the information that is already in your CV


Always read letter a number of times to ensure it is correct before sending



Try and find out who the right person is to send on the application and address it to them


Always do a Spell Check and make sure there are no typos or bad punctuation


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