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Changing employment can be a time of anxiety and excitement rolled into one. At Enterprise People we want the whole process to be an easy and positive experience for you. We will help you identify potential employers that can offer you the career path you require.


Your CV:

You know the saying ‘first impressions last’. It is very true, your CV is the first important step in the recruitment process. To impress the client, your CV should be clear and concise from the start.


Limited Information:

Keep the CV short and to the point (2-3 pages). The last thing a potential employer wants to do or will do is read through a CV that is 10 or 12 pages in length. Keep it short and to the point.


Easy to read:

Use a ‘User Friendly’ approach when creating your CV. Briefly describe your experience in your previous role(s) and use bullet points to illustrate your achievements.


Include relevant information:

Only include relevant information in your CV. Your CV should be a Snapshot of your experience, which will be discussed in more detail at the interview.



Generally photo’s are not a good idea. It is your experience that will get you the interview and not your looks.


Be serious:

Recruitment selection is a serious process. Comments and maybe even jokes are not a good idea on CV’s. We are not saying that you shouldn’t have a sense of humour but there is a time and a place for everything.



It is important to have hobbies on your CV. Hobbies such as football for example show that you are a team player. Don’t go overboard with them as your employer may think that you won’t have enough time for work!


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