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Enterprise People Top Tips on Telephone Interview Preparation!


The main objective of a telephone interview is to assess the candidate’s skill-set before selecting them for a face-to-face interview.. there are a number of points that the candidate should be aware of:


Find a Quiet Location for the Interview Call.

Make sure to be sitting in a quite area so you can hear the interviewer and you are relaxed, try and be clear of any distractions eg. Children, pets etc.. Have a pencil and paper ready if you need to take notes, Have a copy of your CV and job application form with you in case the interviewer asks you questions about it.


Do your Homework.

Research the company beforehand, It shows that you have made an effort to find out what the company is about and it will also help you to ask intelligent questions during the interview.


Speaking during the Interview.

Speak with energy, try and sound enthusiastic, but clear, this will let the interviewer know that you are interested in the job. Take your time and answer each question carefully. Remember to Breath and Relax.



Always be professional. The interviewer is assessing your skills right from the start of the conversation. This is also applicable when arranging your venue etc for a face-to-face Interview. Be professional and polite and enthusiastic at all times. All interviewers are making judgements on their candidates even when they are talking about mundane issues. Inappropriate humour and comments should not be included here.



Have a list of your Unique Selling Points in front of you. What are these? These are your career ‘highlights’ or your key achievements. These points will help differentiate you from other candidates. These points are very important as they help sell you to the interviewer. Most importantly, they can really make a lasting impression with the interviewer.



A very interesting technique used by some is to stand when taking the phone call. This alters the sound and energy of your voice. It also helps project your voice and helps you sound more assertive.



Ask your friends/family how you come across on the phone. Without realising it, we can talk too fast, be unclear or sound disinterested. This information can really help you improve in your communication skills. Although you have the added advantage of not seeing the interviewer face-to-face, this can also be a disadvantage as the interviewer is judging you solely on your voice. You voice is a powerful tool – it brings words to life and adds meaning to uncertainty. Use it to your best ability.



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