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Covid19 Onboarding

September 2020

COVID19 Onboarding

As Covid19 continues to cause problems, onboarding new staff can be a tricky experience but by following the tips below, you can make the process run smoothly for all involved.

If you were at the start of the hiring process when Covid hit, at the end of the process or continuing to hire during the crisis, the following tips will help to guide you….

Provide clear information:

Always be clear with candidates from the start, make sure they are fully aware of the onboarding process and what they can expect in terms of timelines and specific milestones. It can be a nervous time for candidates who have resigned from their previous role, especially in these insecure times.

Welcome aboard:

It can be daunting starting a new role in the office or remotely so try to make the candidate as comfortable as possible from day 1. Ask other team members to call them, email them, and/or video call them to say hello and welcome aboard! This is a good time to share company information such as a company “remote working” policy.

It’s all digital (or at least it should be!):

It’s day 1 and some documents might still need to be signed so make sure you have the right technology in place. Remember, the candidate will be working from home and may not have access to a printer or scanner so having tools such as Docusign is a must, make sure you have it in place before they join!

Get the technology right:

This is a crucial part of the onboarding process. Make sure you have everything ready which enables the candidate to be up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible. You may have to supply a computer or a printer/scanner etc, make sure these are in place and fully working for day 1.

The candidate may need a Laptop to carry out their duties. If this is the case, make sure you have all the software required preloaded and ready to go as the candidate may not be technical so any laptop issues, even small ones, can be frustrating.

Virtual Coffee to meet the team:

Having a team lunch on the first day is no longer possible but it is still very important to make the candidate feel as welcome as possible. Have a Zoom welcome meeting over a coffee to help them feel more relaxed. Also, setup a meeting with their line manager, it’s a great way for their manager to welcome them to the team but is also a great opportunity to set out goals and expectations.

Day 1 over:

Day one may be over but that is by no means the end of the onboarding process. An effective onboarding process should be in place for the first few months to make sure the candidate settles in to the role and the company, keep all lines of communication open.

Having a good onboarding process in place will help you engage with new employees and will make them feel connected and valued. Any feedback on the onboarding process you can gather from candidates will help with future candidate onboarding.

If you would like any more advice on remote hiring or the Irish hiring market, please see www.enterprisepeople.ie or contact Patrick Docherty at patrick@enterprisepeople.ie

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