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Interview questions, some classics

June 2020

Classic Interview Questions

“Preparation is half the battle” is always the best way to approach interviews but it can still be a daunting experience for people as they worry about the questions they may be asked. 

Thankfully, the days of the “curveball” questions like “are you a lucky person” or “what do you do if the last piece of a jigsaw is missing” are behind us (or so they should be!).

While it is impossible to say what questions you will be asked at an interview, I have assembled some old favourites which should help you.

(1) How would you describe yourself?

A lot of interviewers will start with this open question. The interviewer is trying to get a feel for your skills, experience and qualities that they feel are a good match for the role they have open.

(2) What do you like about the role?

The interviewer is asking this question to make sure you fully understand the role and the requirements. Giving a good answer here shows that you have researched the role and feel your background is a good match.

(3) Why do you want to work here?

The interviewer is asking this question to see if you have done your research so make sure you have. Research the company, what is their mission statement, what are their products like, what is the culture like, are they growing? Discuss why the company appeals to you and how their goals match your own goals and aspirations.

(4) Why are you leaving your current role?

It’s not a good idea to be negative here, you don’t want the interviewer to think you are just moving because you don’t like your current role. Try to focus on the opportunity, what you can bring to the role and what you hope to gain from moving.

(5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This question will help the interviewer to decide if they are the right company for you. Tell them about your goals, where you see yourself going and where would like to be 5 years from now.

(6) What motivates you?

Interviewers like to ask this question to get a sense of your self-awareness and to find out what you are passionate about. Give at least one example of something you are genuinely interested in, why you are interested in it and how it can relate to the job opening.

(7) What are your weaknesses?

The old classic, it tends to come up at most interviews. It’s always a tricky one to answer because you are in an interview and you want to be positive, not negative. The best way to answer this question is to discuss a weakness you have had in the past and the steps you have taken to improve it, turning a negative question into a positive answer.

(8) What are your strengths?

Part 2 of the previous question, they are usually asked together! This is a good opportunity to discuss some positives, your technical and communication skills. Try to get a match between some of your strengths and some of the requirements on the job specification.

(9) Describe a difficult work situation and how you handled it?

The interviewer is asking this question to gauge your problem-solving skills and to see how you work under pressure. Discuss a positive situation, one where you have helped colleagues or customers, going the extra mile to ensure a positive outcome.

(10) Why should we hire you?

It sounds like a tricky question to answer but it’s not really. This is a great time to explain why you think you are the best candidate for the role and the skills and qualities that make you the perfect hire.

Interviewers will usually finish with a “Do you have any questions?” question, it’s very important to finish on a positive note so I have a dedicated blog on the subject, see www.enterprisepeople.ie for more advice.

As I mentioned at the start of the article, it’s impossible to know the exact questions you will be asked but I am confident you will be asked some of the above. As always, if you need anything please contact me on patrick@enterprisepeople.ie 

Best of luck!

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