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Ace that Zoom interview....

April 2020

The world has changed a lot since March, our normal lives have been turned upside down.

Despite the challenges, companies are still running, supermarket shelves are fully stocked and interviews are still happening but not in person, hence the rise of Zoom and other video platforms.

Zoom interviews are certainly different from your traditional face to face interview but some of the old rules still apply with some new additions for the world we now live in.

Kill that Zoom interview….

Zoom is Video conferencing software that will let you connect remotely through video meetings or regular voice calls. If an employer wants a Zoom Interview then you can be pretty sure they would like a video interview and not just a voice call (why use Zoom for that!)

Follow these tips to impress your potential employer:

What to wear: This will really depend on your industry but business attire is always best. As the old saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” so be prepared. Men should wear a shirt & tie and women should wear formal business attire too.

Be prepared: Download the Zoom App and make sure your microphone and webcam are working, it’s always best to test these before the call to make sure you avoid any issues, a simple technical glitch could throw you off your Zoom interview.

Pick a quiet area: Pick a room that is nice and quiet for the call, the last thing you need are any distractions in the background that might put you off or the person interviewing off. It’s a good idea to record yourself answering questions before the live call, it will help you to relax.

Be on time but not too early: It’s always good (and professional) to be on time but don’t over-do it. 2-3 minutes before the Zoom interview is good as the client may be using the same Zoom interview room for multiple candidates.

Be prepared: Some things never change! Always be prepared for a Zoom Interview just as you would be for a face to face interview. Prepare your answers for the most common questions, what do you know about our company, why do you want to leave your current role etc See www.enterprisepeople.ie for “killer interview questions” for more information. 

Have questions ready to ask them: Towards the end of the interview you will be asked if you have any questions. If you have questions now is the time to ask them, how long has the role been open, is it a new role or a backfill role etc (see www.enterprisepeople.ie for “what questions do I ask at the end of an interview”)

Speak clearly: Always speak slowly and clearly when answering questions, this is particularly important in a Zoom interview.

Correct day & time: Make sure you have the correct day and time for the call. Add the client invite to your calendar to be 100% sure. Remember, the person interviewing you might not be in the same time zone.

I hope the above information helps you feel more confident and relaxed on video interview calls. 

Check out my blog at www.enterprisepeople.ie for more interview tips, latest vacancies and HR advice or me at patrick@enterprisepeople.ie

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