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Negotiating a pay rise

January 2021

Negotiating a pay rise

The art of negotiating a pay rise is a career skill that can help you throughout your working life. Follow my top tips to help you get the raise you want…..

Get the timing right:

Timing is crucial when asking for a pay rise. Asking for a rise as part of your annual (or bi-yearly) performance review is a great time to raise the subject. Be aware of what is happening at your company, is it doing well? Asking at the wrong time can have a negative response.

Know what you are worth:

There are a number of ways to find out what your skills are worth in the current market. You can talk to people you know in similar roles, review online salary surveys, or talk to an experienced recruiter.

Chat with your boss:

Your boss may not have the power to make the final decision on a pay rise but sitting down for a chat with them can really help you. They can offer you advice, tell you what you need to prepare before you ask for a raise, and tell you the best way to approach it.

Make a case:

It’s all well and good asking for a pay rise but you have to make a case for one. Why should your employer consider it? Why do you deserve one? You need to able to show them how well you have completed tasks and how you always go the extra mile to get the job done.

Be prepared:

Preparation is half the battle. Always be prepared when dealing with the decision-maker, have your facts and figures ready. Show the person where you have excelled on projects, went beyond the call of duty, and mention any recommendations you have from colleagues or clients.


Don’t expect to have a meeting, discuss a few details, and then walk away with everything you asked for, that probably won’t happen! Be prepared to negotiate, what are you willing to accept and what won’t you accept? Compromise and be as flexible as you can.

Don’t accept immediately:

This is a common mistake people make. They ask for a pay rise, do some minor negotiating, and accept the offer there and then, that’s not good! Every person’s situation will be different, but you should take some time to think about the offer, sleep on it or take a few days to mull it over, make sure it’s right for you.

Finalise it:

You may not get the rise you asked for, you might get half the amount or you may get nothing at all. At this point, weigh your options up and decide what you are going to do, will you accept what you have, try again next year or move to another company, that decision is up to you.

If you would like any more advice on salary reviews or the Irish hiring market, please see www.enterprisepeople.ie or contact me at patrick@enterprisepeople.ie

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