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Leadership Development Tips

February 2021

Leadership Development Skills

In today’s competitive world, good leadership skills are critical to your team's success. Team leadership is a combination of skills and concepts that take time to develop so practice them and be patient.

Follow the tips below to ensure leadership success:

Build Quality Relationships:

It’s critical to know the people who you are working with and to build lasting and genuine working relationships with them. It takes time and effort to build effective relationships, it’s an investment that will be appreciated by your colleagues.

When you take on a more senior role, you will have built solid relationships that will encourage your team to work harder to achieve not only project goals but also their own personal goals.

Take on more duties:

Taking on more duties is a great way to develop your leadership skills, it will get you noticed by your colleagues and management too.

Step outside your comfort zone, this will help you to develop as a person/leader and will give you the opportunity to present new ideas that will be appreciated at all levels of your organisation.

This shows initiative which will hopefully help other team members to grow.


Discipline is another key leadership skill. Your colleagues need to know what you expect from them so be clear and consistent with your requirements.

There are a number of ways to build discipline:

Always keep appointments

Consistently meet project deadlines

Always go the extra mile

Leading by example can have a very positive effect on the whole team.

Delegate tasks:

Delegating tasks is a great way to instill confidence and trust in your colleagues. A leader who can pass control to another person shows that you value that person and the contribution that they make to the team.

It is a great way to build loyalty among colleagues which will be of benefit to current and future projects.

Admit failures and weaknesses:

Leaders have failed in the past and have weaknesses too but they understand it’s about learning from those mistakes, they can be a great learning tool.

Not being afraid to show weaknesses and failings can have a very positive impact on your team. It shows you are an honest person who is not afraid to admit mistakes.

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