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Enterprise People Top Tips on Interview Preparation!


1. Find out where you are going.

Make sure to find out where the interview and buildings are and how to get there. Do a practice run out if you can a few days beforehand, find out how long the trip will take and is there adequate parking. Always bring the name and phone number of the person you will be meeting with just in case you would need to contact them. Always give yourself plenty of time less rushing will lead to less stress on the day.


2. Arrive early.

Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview. Announce yourself to the receptionist to let him or her know that you have arrived and that you have an appointment. Turn your Mobile phone off so it doesn’t ring during your meeting.


3. First Impressions.

At the interview stage it is a good idea to dress professionally eg. A suit, neat clean and pressed. Even if it is a casual working environment and casual dress it is still a better idea to wear a suit at this stage.


4. Do your homework.

Research the company beforehand, It shows that you have made an effort to find out what the company is about and it will also help you to ask intelligent questions during the interview.


5. Be prepared.

Think about the questions the interviewer is likely to ask re – about the job and then also what they would like to find out about you!


6. Common questions the interviewer is likely to ask.

Such as What would you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses? Why should I employ you? Why do you want to work here? and the most popular Tell me about yourself. Have something prepared for this, or have an interview practice session with a friend.


7. Have References Ready.

Have at least 3 professional references on your CV from former managers, supervisors or colleagues and make sure they are willing to serve as your professional references. Always ask there permission beforehand and be sure they will speak highly of you if contacted by a potential employer.


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