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Moving to Ireland, the Pros & Cons

July 2020

Moving to the Emerald Isle – Pros & Cons

Thinking of moving to Ireland? 

The weather can be poor and it can be an expensive place to live but on the plus side, the people are great and the Guinness is the best in the world! You might be moving for a new job, following a loved one or going to college but whatever your reason, you will find Ireland to be a welcoming country, rich in history with busy cities and friendly locals.

The Pros:

Low crime rate: Overall the crime rate in Ireland is low. It is illegal to own a gun (except under strict conditions) in Ireland so gun crime is very low. Compared to many other countries, Ireland is a fairly safe place to live.

Europe on your doorstep: Ireland is on the edge of Europe, we have fantastic countries on our doorstep that are easy accessible. The UK is less than an hour away and Italy, France, Spain (and so many more) are only a short flight away, making Ireland the perfect base for exploring.

Opening a Bank account: Is very straightforward in Ireland although trying to open one online is not so easy. When you arrive in Ireland, bring your passport/ID and proof of your address to the bank and you will be up and running in no time. You can also use your address from your original country but some banks may require more documentation in this case so be prepared.

Good Transportation: Although the majority of the traveling Irish public may not agree with this, the transportation system is pretty reliable in Ireland, much more so in the larger cities (Dublin, Cork, Limerick etc)

Healthcare: Ireland’s Healthcare system is by no means world-class but it does have a lot of positives. It is easy to access and is available to everyone although waiting lists can be extremely long for certain operations. The Irish government operates a range a subsidies such as a medical card (free GP visits), drug payments scheme and long-term illness schemes which can help with costs but if you can afford it, get private healthcare from companies such as VHI, Irish Life Health or Laya Healthcare.

The social scene: You are probably well aware of Ireland’s reputation for great pubs, great food and great craic, I am happy to say all of these are true. Covid19 has curtailed the social scene at the moment but once we get through this, the Irish pub is the perfect place for meeting people, listening to music, eating great food and of course enjoying a great pint of Guinness!

The Cons:

The weather: As the old saying goes. “it ain’t all blue skies and sunshine” and that is certainly true of Ireland. The weather is extremely unpredictable, the most predictable part is the rain, it’s never far away. If you are after long hot days, Ireland is not the place for you!

How much!...the cost of living: The cost of living in Ireland can be expensive particularly in the big cities. Renting is not cheap, the further you move out from the cities the cheaper the rent is but remember the transport links might not be as good. Eating out can also be expensive depending on where you go and the average cost for a pint of the black stuff (Guinness!) in Dublin with set you back over 6 euro.

Healthcare System: As I mentioned previously, the Healthcare system isn’t perfect, there are long delays for most medical procedures. Private Healthcare will help and is not overly expensive, look into that before deciding to move.

Property Prices: Ireland is not a cheap place to buy a home so if you are planning on buying, do your homework and find a town that best suits your needs (work, family, transport links etc). Since the financial crisis of 2008, buying a home in Ireland is more difficult that it was in the past, the process can be long and cumbersome so be prepared for a lot of hard work!

Fuel Costs: Like most governments, the Irish government heavily taxes fuel which means prices are high. We are in the unenviable position of having some of the most expensive fuel on the planet which is nearly double what you might pay in America

But like everywhere else in the world, there are pros and cons. We hope this list will help you but if you need any more information please contact Patrick at Enterprise People, patrick@enterprisepeople.ie 

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