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January 2021 Negotiating a pay rise

Negotiating a pay rise

The art of negotiating a pay rise is a career skill that can help you throughout your working life. Follow my top tips to help you get the raise you want…..

Get the timing right:

Timing is crucial when asking for a pay rise. Asking for a rise as part of your annual (or bi-yearly) performance review is a great time to raise the subject. Be aware of what is happening at your company, is it doing well? Asking at the wrong time can have a negative response.

Know what you are worth:

There are a number of ways to find ou...

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December 2020 Leadership Development Tips

Leadership Development Skills

In today’s competitive world, good leadership skills are critical to your team's success. Team leadership is a combination of skills and concepts that take time to develop so practice them and be patient.

Follow the tips below to ensure leadership success:

Build Quality Relationships:

It’s critical to know the people who you are working with and to build lasting and genuine working relationships with them. It takes time and effort to build effective relationships, it’s an investment that will be appreciated by you...

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December 2020 LinkedIn Profile - Top Tips

Top LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to showcase your skills and experience. I highly recommend having a professional and up-to-date profile because believe me, potential employers are watching! 

On LinkedIn, you can research companies you like, join interesting groups, take part in discussions, meet people with similar interests to yourself, and of course, get yourself noticed. The advantages to LinkedIn are endless and it all starts with a great profile.

Make sure you get seen by following some of my LinkedIn Profile top tips.


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November 2020 Applying for a new role - get noticed.

Applying for a new role? Top tips for getting noticed. 

Things certainly have changed since March this year, job hunting has not been spared!

The market is now more employer-driven which means employers can afford to be more selective when interviewing candidates as there is a much larger talent pool available to them.

So with this increased competition, how do you put yourself in the driving seat and get yourself noticed? 

There are a number of things that you can do, the following tips will definitely help…..

Nail that LinkedIn profile:


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October 2020 Working from home survey, the results are in!

Working from home, the results are in.

With working from home (WFH) becoming the norm over the last few months, a survey carried out by NUI Galway makes for some interesting reading. 

The first phase of the survey was published in April and found that just over 83% of respondents were in favour of working from home. We were only a month into the pandemic and people were getting to grips with schools being closed, organising home office space and technology issues such as connecting to company systems/emails and broadband issues.

Phase 2 was carried out in October t...

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September 2020 Covid19 Onboarding

COVID19 Onboarding

As Covid19 continues to cause problems, onboarding new staff can be a tricky experience but by following the tips below, you can make the process run smoothly for all involved.

If you were at the start of the hiring process when Covid hit, at the end of the process or continuing to hire during the crisis, the following tips will help to guide you….

Provide clear information:

Always be clear with candidates from the start, make sure they are fully aware of the onboarding process and what they can expect in terms of timelines and specifi...

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August 2020 Working from home - The Covid connection

Working from home, the Covid connection

What a difference a year makes?

The world is a changing place and never more so than over the last 7 months, Covid-19 arrived. Many of us have gone from nice comfortable office spaces to working from kitchen tables, bedrooms, living rooms, anywhere we can find a quiet place.

Working from home has its advantages but make sure you have the right environment to get the work done.

Working from home top tips….

Have a dedicated workspace: This is crucial as it will hel...

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July 2020 Moving to Ireland, the Pros & Cons

Moving to the Emerald Isle – Pros & Cons

Thinking of moving to Ireland? 

The weather can be poor and it can be an expensive place to live but on the plus side, the people are great and the Guinness is the best in the world! You might be moving for a new job, following a loved one or going to college but whatever your reason, you will find Ireland to be a welcoming country, rich in history with busy cities and friendly locals.

The Pros:

Low crime rate: Overall the crime rate in Ireland is low. It is illegal t...

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June 2020 Interview questions, some classics

Classic Interview Questions

“Preparation is half the battle” is always the best way to approach interviews but it can still be a daunting experience for people as they worry about the questions they may be asked. 

Thankfully, the days of the “curveball” questions like “are you a lucky person” or “what do you do if the last piece of a jigsaw is missing” are behind us (or so they should be!).

While it is impossible to say what questions you will be asked at an interview, I have assembled some old favourites which should help you.


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May 2020 End of interview questions, finish on a positive note

What questions should you ask at the end of an interview?

We have all been there, you have just been through a tough interview and the end is in sight. You are feeling good but then comes the last question…..

Do you have questions you would like to ask us?

You knew the question was coming but still you are caught off guard, what question do I ask, will I look stupid if I don’t ask a question or worse still, what if I ask a stupid question……Help!

Enterprise People are here to help, check out our questions below to finish that interview in style.


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April 2020 Ace that Zoom interview....

The world has changed a lot since March, our normal lives have been turned upside down.

Despite the challenges, companies are still running, supermarket shelves are fully stocked and interviews are still happening but not in person, hence the rise of Zoom and other video platforms.

Zoom interviews are certainly different from your traditional face to face interview but some of the old rules still apply with some new additions for the world we now live in.

Kill that Zoom interview….

Zoom is Video conferencing software that will let you connect remotely throug...

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